Thursday, June 9, 2011

2011 CMT Music Awards Show, LIVE from Nashville!!!

Last night’s CMT Awards show did NOT disappoint...but the buzz around the awards show isn’t about who took home the trophies. The show, of course, airs LIVE and anything can happen. So to sum up this year’s awards show….Shania Twain wiped out, Sheryl Crow flashed her undies, Justin Beiber won an award, Lady A sang a Prince song…and Jason Aldean sang with rapper, Ludacris!! Oh and behind the scenes…I don’t know if you guys caught this on camera, but Charles Kelly stood up while Colt Ford was singing and flipped him off… in a fun loving, guy kind of way. : )

So... Sheryl Crow flashed the crowd, or so she claims…apparently she found out from her fans' tweets that everyone could see her panties when she slid off of the chair after her duet with Kid Rock. So Sheryl addressed "the elephant in the room" and joked that she was at least glad she was wearing underwear at all. Lady A sang Prince’s song, “Kiss”…I was wondering why Charles Kelly took off running like that…(I thought maybe Colt Ford was chasing him down after Charles gave him the bird)…. then I saw Hillary changing clothes on stage…so their Prince cover was a fun moment in the show.

I’m still a little deaf from all the screaming when Justin Bieber accepted his award with the Flatts. That kid has some LOUD fans, that’s for sure!! And the Flatts encouraged it...Joe Don shouted, "WE have Bieber Fever!!!" and the crowd went WILD!

And Jason Aldean rocked his new song, "Dirt Road Anthem" (which was written by Colt Ford, by the way). Jason's a great rapper (who knew) and Ludacris was fantastic.

But the most shocking moment of the show last night was Shania Twain’s wipe out. It happened right before she announced that Blake Shelton had won the Male Video of the Year award. Now I couldn’t see it from where I was sitting, but folks watching at home saw her shocking fall…and within moments, I had the video clip on my phone, sent to me by text. But Shania went on to gracefully announce the winner…and unlike, Sheryl Crow, Shania did NOT address the “elephant in the room”…Blake did it for her. During the commercial break right after he received the award, Blake tweeted, “Wow, not only did I win, but Shania Twain is falling for me!” 

I hope Shania is OK that was a nasty fall. I’m gonna see her this afternoon at a private function…so I’ll see how she’s doing and report back…


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